What we offer is a modern and creative take on the oldest form of cooking, the coal BBQ. Us Brits love our beer and BBQ and what we want is to offer 3 aspects of that - the traditional pub grub, the back-yard burgers & sausages, and the rustic fine dining. Although each option has one common ground, all the meat is sourced from paddock to plate.


Our events company is located on the farm we get all our meat from and we wish to carry that trend on here in Ashwell. All our produce is locally sourced and cooked over coal, no frills cooking, just honest, simple, tasty meat and veg. We pride ourselves on using fresh, locally sourced and seasonal produce wherever possible.


We bring you the theatre of fire mixed with country pub dining.



With the events company we have catered many a vegetarian and vegan BBQ. On every menu we will offer treats that delight, we hope this can hopefully go some way to making up for the rest of us loving our carnivorous ways… everything we make is tasty and full of flavour, we can’t wait to welcome you all!



If you like what you see in the pub then meet the big brother company where we cater for events as big as 800 people , rustic, crazy and full of fun or an intimate party of 10 where we come to your home and offer a 7 course fine dining menu like no other.


Here at the illustrated chef we love everything barbecue. From the authentic Smokey flavour you would expect from real coals to the theatre of fire, our kitchen always being on show whilst we grill up our amazing menus.


Our vision is to take the oldest form of cooking and bring it in to the new age... with our twist. Anything can be achieved on the grill.


The Illustrated Chef BBQ Company



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