My wife, Phillippa and I, do love a pub! So nothing seemed to fit more than us running our own. Already owning a Fire Cooking events company made picking the menu and concept the easy part.


Having 3 children enables us to embrace family culture here at the Bushel, but also respect the desire to leave the little ratbags at home and come out to relax, share a glass of wine or two and enjoy a tasty meal... a real date night.


We are a little selfish in the fact that what we offer is what we like to do; to eat, drink, and be served in a certain way. What this does enable though, is for our passion to shine through! Our need of good food being matched with great service, and for us to ensure all the little things that we expect when visiting the pub or eating out are provided for our guests.


I've had the privilege of cooking for singers, actors, members of parliament, and fellow industry peers.... I've even made afternoon tea for the Queen. My ambition now is to serve Ashwell and its surrounding areas the best Fire Cooking around.


Signed your chef, Darren.


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